Creation and Compost

Ep. 20- America: Alive and Well....Alive?

July 02, 2022 Season 1 Episode 20
Creation and Compost
Ep. 20- America: Alive and Well....Alive?
Show Notes

(Cold Open)- Dr. Phil interviews King Arthur {(portrayed by Sean Connery voiced by someone else), from the 1996 film, First Knight}- bad impersonations but good fun tying it into the message today!

With the recent Supreme Court case with Roe v. Wade being overturned, I wanted the topic of life being such a contentious and controversial issue to be shared through our country's history of valuing life. This viewpoint is so vital in understanding how our country was founded of godly principles and Biblical applications. A future episode will feature a good friend, Paul Smith, president of Citizen Impact, USA.

I was able to interview Tom Donovan (our guest from episode 6, parts 1-2) in a different interview format. This video was part of our June 26 Facebook livestream video and has been trimmed down from 2 hours. If you wish to see the video, you can view it on our website homepage,

Five Segments:
1. "My Body, My Choice"
2. Planned Parenthood and Its Racist Heritage
3. Ectopic Pregnancies/Difficulties in Terms
4. Rape/Incest
5. Ways to Encourage Pro-Life Groups/Individuals & Pro-Abortion Emotional Support

The Bracewell kiddos audio is from episode 17, but you can hear the love for Christ and humor they often share! (Proverbs 22:6)

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