Creation and Compost

Ep. 24- "Purpose, Not Politics"

November 10, 2022 Dr. Matt Bracewell Season 2 Episode 3
Creation and Compost
Ep. 24- "Purpose, Not Politics"
Show Notes

What does the Bible say about Creationism and people's designed purpose with morals and ethical expectations? This podcast episode features Dr. Bracewell's sermon from Sunday, November 6 at Hunting Creek Baptist Church (Big Island, VA) on "Purpose, No Politics".

Passage: Genesis 1:26-31
Main Points:
1. We get a PICTURE of who God is!
2. God gives us PURPOSE in our daily lives.
3. God gives us POWER and authority over the environment, which should be used to glorify Him.
4. God provided us with means of food PRODUCTION and expects us to supply it for our families.
5. God expects his creation to PROCREATE.
6. God always PROVIDES for His creation.
7. God’s Creation Was Originally “Very Good”, or one of PERFECTION.

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