Creation and Compost

Ep. 35- "Stacking Plates, God Is Great"

March 03, 2023 Season 2 Episode 35
Creation and Compost
Ep. 35- "Stacking Plates, God Is Great"
Show Notes

Have you ever wished to be stronger? Do you find yourself emulating superheroes or movie characters that have superhuman strength? What if you could bench press 700 pounds?  This week's guest, LCA strength and conditioning coach Lucas Pribble,  speaks on his rise to using strength training to influence his students and countless others. Coach Pribble attributes his faith in Christ as his cornerstone to reaching others.

We also delve into training, nutrition, proteins supplements, PED's (performance-enhancing drugs), and other hot topics as he prepares to attend his second straight Arnold Invitational (Arnold Sports Festival) from March 2-5. He will be lifting on Sunday, March 5, so if you are interested in keeping up with his progress, visit:
Arnold Sports Festival.

Find Coach Lucas Pribble on social media:
Open Power Lifting

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