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Ep. 40- "The Great Debate- Creationism vs. Evolution" Part 2- Geology

June 13, 2023 Season 2 Episode 40
Creation and Compost
Ep. 40- "The Great Debate- Creationism vs. Evolution" Part 2- Geology
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Join me and my class for PART TWO of "The Great Debate: Creationism vs. Evolution" Geology. My dream since 2009 has finally come true! Well, sort of! I was able to write, develop, and teach the first ever NCAA-approved "Origin of Life" course at LCA, Liberty Christian Academy.  The students defended the Biblical position while I "attacked" their beliefs and position using some common secular arguments. Of course, my goal was to help them establish a foundation based on reason and logic rather than just reciting Bible verses (which should be enough anyways!) Another focus is to emphasize the secularists often do not even acknowledge the Bible as having any authority; therefore, we tried to stick mostly to 'scientific arguments', aside from my occasional intentional attacks to attempt throwing them off their game!

The students defend the evidence for the Biblical position that our geological phenomena can best be explained by Noah's Flood (Gen. 6-8) and the uniformitarianism position (held by most secular scientists) is not observable nor feasible. 

The debate features three parts:

Part One- Astronomy (Big Bang Theory vs. Biblical Creationism)
Part Two- Geology (Uniformitarianism vs. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics)
Part Three- Biology (Macroevolution vs. Microevolution)

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